Since I was in elementary school I’ve been running around with a camera in hand, insisting that others let me capture their love and connection. Why stop now?


so nice to meet you!

Photo via Jamie Machin

Photo via Jamie Machin

Hi! I'm so excited that you found my little corner of the internet.

My name is Delaina Carlson and I'm a portrait photographer in Lebanon, NH. I photograph a little bit of everything, but my inspiration often comes from color, environments and connections.

I have a passion for photographing children. My background in child development helps me capture their bright (and sometimes wild) personalities: the shy looks, toothy grins, and adventurous play. I love to document these moments so they can be remembered years into the future.

Photographs are a living, breathing archive. They illustrate our stories and help us remember to remember.
— Rachel LaCour Niesen

We’re gonna be friends, i already know it!

  • I’m from Western Pennsylvania and love to root on all of the Pittsburgh sports teams with my husband. Except, you might not believe I ever watch football if you look at my fantasy team!

  • My garden has my heart - it’s like Christmas eve as I wait for my first harvest of vegetables. I’m partial to growing carrots because they are so fun to dig up.

  • Some of my favorite photographs come from my international travel - something I can’t get enough of. My favorite recent trips include camper-vanning around Iceland, eating waffles in Belgium and surfing in Puerto Rico.

  • If I’m not photographing a wedding, I spend my weekends rock climbing at Rumney, NH. I’ve only been climbing for about a year, but it’s already addicting!

  • Yoga is my go-to for crazy seasons of life. Movement + breathing is a fix for many stressors.

  • I’m passionate about the power of play - for every person. Hobbies, sports, travel - play has a way of sneaking into all we do.

  • Mystery seltzer flavors have a way of sneaking into my grocery cart every time I see them. And somehow, I think they all taste like Sweet-tarts.